Harvey Beresford provides effective dispute resolution with legal insight, strong people skills, excellent listening habits and a large helping of common sense.

Harvey is a senior legal counsel with a long and distinguished record of resolving conflicts in a variety of private and public sector contexts. He offers arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution services addressing a wide range of labour, employment and human resources issues. Harvey is a Vice Chair (part-time) of the Ontario Labour Relations Board and a member of the Ontario Labour Management Arbitrators Association. His availability can be seen on Arbdates.

Harvey has over 35 years of legal practice as a senior counsel in a major labour and employment law firm.

As well as negotiating, mediating and arbitrating many matters, he has created and implemented significant dispute resolution processes in both the private and public sectors. He left practice on December 31, 2015 to become a neutral and start Beresford Dispute Resolution.

Harvey has extensive legal experience in the public and private sector including:

  • government
  • municipalities
  • universities
  • school boards
  • health care
  • hospitals
  • physicians and physician services
  • construction
  • mining
  • manufacturing
  • energy production/generation and distribution
  • food processing
  • transportation
  • communications, media and newspapers
  • retail